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International Students

Academic Information

Office of the Registrar

Before selecting your courses and completing your registration, you must bring the required legal documents to the Office of the Registrar (Fr) (Certificat d’acceptation du Québec [Québec Certificate of Acceptance], study permit and passport).



Academic Calendar

An academic year has three sessions: fall, winter and summer sessions. Each session is fifteen weeks long, during which the university provides teaching activities; exams are part of this 15-week period. The delivery of courses is reduced during the summer session. Don’t forget that, in order to comply with the requirements of the Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (Québec Certificate of Acceptance), you must remain registered as a full-time student in the fall and winter sessions (12 or more credits). The fall and winter sessions include a Reading Break, normally in October and March, during which classes are suspended for one week.

You will find the university calendar at (Fr) and in your student handbook.


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You probably have completed all of the steps required for your admission to a program of study while still outside of Canada. Now you need to register for educational activities (courses, practicums, thesis preparation, etc.).

Once you bring your legal documents to the Office of the Registrar and the International Students Office, you must see the person in charge of your module to select your courses. Full-time registration means that you register for a minimum of 12 credits. However, the majority of undergraduate programs are based on a 15-credit per session plan.

Detailed procedures regarding registration and the payment of tuition fees can be found at (Fr). Students in graduate or post-graduate programs must register for each individual session, even if writing a thesis and not taking any courses in a given session. To proceed with registration, contact the secretary in your program of study by email or by telephone. Time has been set aside to allow you to do this: in August for the fall session, in December for the winter session, and in April for the summer session. Before each new academic session you need to select and register in courses. In your program, some courses will be required (mandatory) and some will be optional. Before selecting your courses, check the course prerequisites and timetables.

Consult the course timetables at (Fr).

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For more information about scholarships exemption of tuition plus for international students, visit grants (Fr).

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Levels of Study

Generally, Bachelor programs include 90 to 120 credits, almost always spread out over 6 to 8 sessions. Successful completion of these credits provides you with an undergraduate university degree; 45 to 48 credits generally spread out over 4 sessions are required for a Master’s degree; and a Ph.D. requires 90 to 96 credits, generally spread out over 8 sessions.

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UQAT Student Card

The student card is key to accessing student services and privileges at UQAT. Students are required to have a student card for access to library services on every UQAT campus and at every centre; student cards include your library user number. Students must also show their card to access the computer labs. UQAT security staff may ask students to produce their card when on campus.

Full-time students will have one identification card (with photo) for the entire length of their program. Student cards can be obtained during the first week of classes in the fall.

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Planning Your Session

As the academic session starts, you will need to manage a great deal of information provided in your courses. You must prepare and plan schedules for your assignments and exams. During each session, exams are usually written in two different periods of time. The first exam period is shortly before or after Reading Break, and the second exam period is at the end of the session.

Remember: You will be penalized for assignments handed in after the due dates noted in your course syllabuses.

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Course Syllabuses

At the start of each of your courses for the session, your instructor gives you a written course syllabus that includes course objectives, course content, a bibliography, the course timetable and the methods of evaluation.

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Teaching Language

UQAT is an institution of French culture and expression, where the instruction is provided in French. French is also used for the writing of assignments and exams. Satisfactory mastery of the French language is required in order to complete the studies you undertake at UQAT.

When justified, the program director may authorize the use of a language other than French. For Master’s or Ph.D. programs, written work is generally completed in French.

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Evaluation of French (Tests)

When you register in a Bachelor program, you must satisfy the requirement for the mastery of the French language. For more information, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

Remember: You will not be able to receive any diploma document without satisfactorily completing this test.

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Evaluation of Teaching

The university education system in Quebec evaluates each learning activity during each session, rather than carry out an overall evaluation at the end of the university year.

For information about your rights and obligations as a student, please consult Regulation 3 – Undergraduate Studies. It provides information on grading, transcripts of grades and grade review procedures. You will find this information on Symbiose.


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Transcript of Grades

The transcript of grades, produced at the end of each session, indicates the grades you have received, your cumulative grade point average and the number of credits you have accumulated. You will find more information about the grade point average and the transcript of grades under Academic Regulations at

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Official Attestations

For some procedures (e.g.: applications for renewal of study permits), you must include a transcript of grades. The Office of the Registrar will provide you with this document and various attestations and certifications (proof of school attendance, etc.). Please make the request at least 24 hours in advance.

Note: Anticipate fees.

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Last update : 1 juillet 2010