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At 25 years of age, UQAT sets itself apart

2009 was quite a year for UQAT! While its 25th anniversary celebrations were being held across the region, the promotion and recruitment team of the Student and Alumni Services were giving UQAT.CA a makeover in preparation for the 2009-2010 academic year. Its new look, dynamic yet professional, is more in keeping with its personality: approachable, bold and creative… And UQAT’s new image on the Internet, in newspapers, in magazines and elsewhere fits the description perfectly.

The new design brings UQAT students to the fore: students who were notable for their academic results, but also for their extra-curricular involvement; students who chose UQAT for its unique programs and its proximity to their home environment; students who commend the availability of UQAT’s professors, U-approach and quality education. Also, graduates and staff members who are strong believers in our university and, of course, in its power to help its host community move into the future, put their shoulder to the wheel and rank among the ambassadors for UQAT.

Surf our new website, our 2010 program guide and our new promotional efforts, and discover why choosing UQAT is choosing a world where it feels like home!


A complete overhaul

As you see, our website has been revamped. UQAT’s Information and Public Affairs has made uqat.ca more dynamic and lively, but especially, more surfer-friendly! Themed sections like UQAT: Udeserve it!, Students, Research, and Services are now easily accessible with one click of the mouse.

The site will be evolving constantly in the next few months. Visit it often to see the latest changes and to make suggestions and comments.

On behalf of the entire uqat.ca makeover team, enjoy the surf!

Information & Public Affairs Team Members

Bernard Pelletier
Bernard Pelletier

Senior Advisor

Frédéric Tousignant
Frédéric Tousignant

Website Advisor

Nathalie Poudrier
Nathalie Poudrier

Data Processing Technician

Student Services - Promotion & Recruitment

Stéphanie Duchesne
Stéphanie Duchesne

Recruitment Officer

Anne-Marie Nadeau
Anne-Marie Nadeau

Information Officer

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Last update : 19 avril 2010