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2015-2020 Development Plan

Plan de développement 2015-2020

The UQAT 2015-2020 Development Plan is the result of the ref lection done by a committee composed of individuals representing the university community and partners in various sectors of activity in the areas served by UQAT. The content, which is in tune with their discussions, was validated during a round of consultation with more than 1,000 persons.

Sincere thanks are extended to all those who have helped formulate a development plan consistent with the image of UQAT : human, creative and visionary.

Download the 2015-2020 Development Plan

Our priority issues

In the next five years, UQAT will focus on six (6) strategic priority issues in order to fully carry out its mission. These priorities are the fundamental elements that will provide guidance to UQAT on a daily basis.

  • The student experience at UQAT
  • Avant-garde education
  • Positioning of UQAT on the research and creation arena
  • Reinforcement of the partnership between UQAT and the First Peoples
  • Sustainable and mutually profitable interrelationships with partners, collaborators and key players in the social, economic and cultural circles and in the areas served by UQAT
  • Professional challenge and management efficiency

Members of the stratejic planning committee

  • Mr. Denis Pinet, Chairman, Board of Directors and Strategic Planning Committee
  • Mrs. Johanne Jean, Principal
  • Mr. Denis Martel, Vice-Principal, Education and Research
  • Mr. Luc Boisvert, Vice-Principal, Resources
  • Mrs. Martine Rioux, Secretary General, Development Plan Project Leader
  • Mrs. Anne-Marie Nadeau, Mrs. Stéphanie Duchesne and Mr. Frédéric Normand, to represent the personnel
  • Mr. Louis-Paul Willis, Mr. Marin Éné and Mrs. Nancy Julien, to represent the teaching personnel
  • Mr. Michel Leclerc, to represent the industrial sector
  • Mr. Denis Moffet, Board Member, to represent UQAT lecturers
  • Mr. Vincent Boulanger-Martel and Mrs. Joëlle Bilodeau, to represent UQAT
  • Mrs. Marie-Josée Croteau, to represent the Aboriginal communities
  • Mr. Michel Adrien, Board Member, to represent MRC Antoine-Labelle
  • Mr. Luc Bélisle, Director General, Conférence régionale des élus (CRÉ) de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue
  • Mr. Normand Gingras, to represent MRC du Témiscamingue
  • Mrs. Julie Cazes, to represent MRC Abitibi
  • Mr. Paul-Antoine Martel, to represent MRC de la Vallée-de-l’Or
  • Mr. Alain Coulombe, to represent the Nord-du-Québec region
  • Mr. Pierre Labelle, Project Manager
Last update : 4 avril 2018