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Orientation Week

During the orientation week and all year long, First Peoples Services helps students discover the services available to them at UQAT.

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Academic Support - The Profession of Student

Academic support counseling is offered to any students who want to identify appropriate methods to pursue and complete their studies. During the orientation week and all year long, workshops about being a student are offered: stress management, writing long assignments, strategies for reading, preparation for exams, oral presentations, library research, teamwork, etc. Students can also seek academic support on an individual basis.

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Project Share

More Peer mentoring project for UQAT students at the Val-d’Or campus

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Student Life Committee (Aboriginal)

A large number of Aboriginal students originate from communities situated miles away from Val-d’Or. This committee brings together Aboriginal students. It organizes socio-cultural activities, thus creating opportunities to get together and discuss on realities of university and urban life. Those activities contribute to making the Val-d’Or campus a pleasant and motivating environment that encourages academic success.

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Information and Orientation

First Peoples Services has information about every program offered at UQAT, and is able to counsel and support students in the choices they need to make with regards to their studies.

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Referral Service

The First Peoples Services team is familiar with the services provided by the city of Val-d’Or and is able to orient students in their search for daycare, transport, housing, health services and any other service they may need.

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Personal and Family Support

A Human Relations Officer is available at all times to lend a sympathetic ear and offer thoughtful counsel to students who are having personal, family or other difficulties.

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Student Life

During the year, the Student Life Facilitator organizes a variety of social, cultural, sports and family activities to make student life on the Val-d’Or campus as interesting and stimulating as possible. These activities are conducted in French or English, or in both languages simultaneously. Their content, very diversified, catches the interest of CEGEP graduates, parent students and those returning to school.

Socio-Cultural Committee
The Socio-cultural Committee works jointly with the Student Life Facilitator, making the UQAT Val-d’Or campus a pleasant, motivating and stimulating environment. It organizes many social and cultural activities so that university life can be exciting, even outside class hours.

UQAT Student Association in Val-d’Or (AEUQAT)
The mission of the UQAT Student Association in Val-d’Or is to make living on campus as enjoyable as possible, to foster exchanges among students and help them develop as sense of belonging to UQAT. The Association is there to promote, defend and develop their interest in matters relating to education, economy, culture, politics, and human society.

Green Committee
The purpose of the UQAT Green Committee, which is composed of UQAT employees and students, is to make sure that UQAT expends all necessary efforts to provide its students and staff a place to work and to study that is increasingly environmentally friendly. The Green Committee makes it a must to celebrate Earth Day each year on April 22nd.

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Last update : January-23-17