First Peoples

Aboriginal Activities

First Peoples Symposium

Pre-Symposium : The Inuit World : Training, Cooperation and Employment
Symposium : The First Peoples and Employment : Training, Cooperation and Canvassing

The UQAT First Peoples Symposium, held each year in Val-d’Or, is another opportunity to foster cross-culture appreciation. The main objective of this get-together is to raise awareness and inform on various issues that affect Aboriginal people. The UQAT First Nation Symposium has welcomed many well-known lecturers and artists. Exhibitors also attend the Symposium to present various facets of Aboriginal culture.


Customized Training

Eager to pass knowledge on to the highest number of students and to promote Aboriginal expertise, UQAT develops customized training when a community identifies specific needs. In such case UQAT favors the hiring of Aboriginal trainers and the use of content that result in the development of concrete, tangible tools.

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Last update : January-23-17